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.3) and converted to numpy arrays. And then I computed the autocorrelation of these arrays as follows import numpy as np from scipy.stats import autocorrelation from matplotlib import rc rc('text', usetex=True) rc('font', size=8) rc('font', family='serif') from matplotlib import pyplot as plt data = np.loadtxt('tiff_data.txt', delimiter=',') fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(10, 5)) values, = data.T ax.clabel(values, inline=1,fontsize='large') def autocorr(x): t = autocorrelation(x, 1.0) return t[1,0] autocorr_plt = autocorr(values) yhat = autocorr_plt[:,0] ax.plot(x, yhat) ax.xlabel('X (m)') ax.ylabel('Autocorrelation') ax.set_title("Autocorrelation Plot") ax.set_xlim([1, 11]) The output is: I am wondering why there is a negative contribution in the autocorrelation plot. What is wrong with my computation and/or my plotting? A: The problem is a small numerical error. The real autocorrelation function is Here are two plots comparing the original data, the simulated autocorrelation and the autocorrelation approximation from autocorr_plt: The yellow line is the true autocorrelation, the red line is autocorr_plt[1, 0] and the blue line is autocorr(data). , for example, by the water, and therefore contains a complex mixture of different volatile compounds. The vapor-phase air-handling method of removal of volatile compounds, for example, may eliminate a large proportion of the water vapor, which would otherwise render the ventilation ineffective. An example of a liquid-phase air-handling method of removal of volatile compounds from an office building is disclosed in U.S. Pat.




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Radiant Dicom Viewer Cracked 15 lucihar

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